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Skrivað hevur Jóhann Lutzen 18.05.2017 - 12:24

Lýsing Lýs her...

Tá Íslendski forsetin vitjaði Føroya Løgting helt Páll á Reynatúgvu, løgtingsformaður røðu fyri forsetahjúnunum og Føroya Løgmanni

Røðan er á enskum og vit endurgeva hana niðanfyri:

Dear President, Dear First Lady,

So, finally, we have spring again and again rainy days.

The Iranian poet RUMI, born in the thirteent century says :

A warm, rainy day, this is how it feels when friends get together. Friend refreshes friend then, as flowers do each others, in a spring rain.

And the Icelandic Poet Jónas Hallgrímsson puts it :
Gentle, green, returning spring, gives the valley life a new.
Re-creates everything : Flocks and heards and shepherds too.

Dear Friends, Dear Guests!
It is a true pleasure and honour for me as Speaker of the Løgting to wish you both a warm welcome to our country.
Our world famous artist and master mariner, Trondur Patursson, has said that the month of May was the month where the Faroese and Icelandic vikings visited each other and held parties.
So this is the rigth time of the year you have choosen for your first visit here as President. If you had come with a viking vessel I would have been tempted to quote your Hávamál :

The newcomer needs fire
His knees are numb.
A man who has made his way over mountains
Needs food and fresh linen

But you have not travelled over mountains, but in much more comfortable style with our national pride the Atlantic Airways, on their plane called Ingálvur in remembrance of the late Ingálvur av Reyni one of our great painters.

We are two nations of travellers. We are bound together by the Atlantic Ocean which is engulfing our harsh islands and providing the foundation for our life and well being.

We are two nations of travellers, our culture and identity, are subject to our travels and connections and influenced over the centuries by our neighbouring nations in the north .

When I was a boy I remember that in many houses in my home village Sandur there was a large picture of Jesus the savior with a bleeding heart. These pictures and statues, which were common all over in the Faroes, originated in Ireland and were brought to Canada by pious Irish settlers.

Many faroese were fishing on the grand banks of New Foundland, and took a fancy in these pictures, brought them back to Faroes. Earlier Irish vikings had settled in L´anse aux Meadow, Canada, the home land of the First Lady until she travelled to Iceland.

Ireland, Greenland, New Found Land, Labrador, Canada... we are all the same family and next of kin.

The excellent Icelandic Magazine ICELAND REVIEW has many subscribers in the Faroes, and we know that the First Lady has contributed quite a lot to this fine publication.

We take a lot of pride in the Faroese ferry Norrøna which every year contributes significantly to the Icelandic tourist industry.
Same ICELAND REVIEW, which has attracted so many tourists to Iceland with its fine articles and photos, is now raising concerns that there are limits for the numbers of tourists that Iceland, and indeed Faroes, can accomodate in order to preserve our indentity and pristine nature. A warning
we must adhere to.

Dear President, your presentation yesterday on fishing rights drew quite an audience. Your cod wars are still remembered here and all Faroese were on your side!

We must co-operate much more on the academic level and with more exchange of students to our Universities.

President, You will not be offended in my saying that we also know that you started your carreer in translating Stephen King novels to Icelandic!
Our Nations must co-operate in every respect. We are living in a time of changes, Brexit, terror, fugitives, poverty, radicalised extremists, wars, melting of the Arktis, pollution, and I can go on.

Maybe the future will see an economic and politicall co-operation between Scotland, Iceland, Faroes and Greenland. A vision very much shared by your late Halldór Asgrímsson.

It is though of paramount importance that we endeavour to promote a green and sustainable future for our islands, our dear nature which we have as a loan from our not yet born grand children!

The Scottish Isles have formulated their political way forward under the slogan “Our Islands, Our Future”, let us make their words ours.

Dear President, our two Nations are very close, but never have we felt closer being Icelanders when your fantastic football team beat England in France last summer.

Dear First Lady and Dear President, we all hope you will enjoy your staying here and that you will obtain a favourable picture of us,” your little brother” as many see us.
I feel and trust that Iceland and the Faroes will work much more together in the future on all levels, also internationally in fora such as United Nations and Nato.

I will end my speach with your Hávamál again, a thousand years old :

A true friend, whom you trust well and wish for his good will :
Go to him often and exchange gifts.

May I propose a toast for our Iceland and Faroe Islands, may we have fair winds and Gods blessing in thousands of years to come.

Lýsing Lýs her...